Join hands to create jobs and solutions to make the world a better place!


Join a local Startup Tribe to participate in Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs Program as a Co-creator

SIEP Summary
The program has been designed to prepare members to explore social innovations and entrepreneurship as a preferred career path and learn how to use automation, AI and robotics to solve world's biggest problems rather than competing with them in the job market.
  • it's based on the shared economy principle where members co-create and share value greater than the sum of their contributions.
  • Here the co-creators earn cash, credits or shares for contributing their surplus resources (i.e. anything including time that’s surplus to the needs) or capacity (e.g workspace, campus, idle machines or anything else that's underutilized) in our startup projects.
  • It’s run under Startup Tribe that's a local ecosystem for startups. The local member companies are responsible to build and run the Tribe by providing assurance to all its members of equitable rights in the value created and proactive management of risks of failure through a robust governance and controls framework.

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Who can join the program:

  • Students, job seekers, professionals, entrepreneurs, capitalists, educational institutions, corporations or anyone of you who've got something to contribute to make the world a better place. 
  • Your contributions can even create an awesome career or a passive income stream for you. 

This is how it works:

Build problem based communities

  • Step into others shoes and experience their plain
  • Investigate the root cause
Build SOLUTIONS (i.e. products & services)
  • Assess the existing products to find gaps
  • Discover and design what is missing to close the gaps
  • Resource - find collaborators & capitalists
  • Build a prototype / MVP
  • Operate and test

Build Ecosystems

  • Replicate - mass produce, franchise out, grow to scale the impact through building ecosystems of collaborators worldwide.
  • Evolve - repeat the process steps to evolve the solution to the next leve
This is what we do:

  • Better World Makers Network is a socioeconomic network of people with social hearts and entrepreneurial minds. This is a network of highly effective people who can turn social problems, challenges and opportunities to commercially viable solutions, products and services to improve quality of life of individuals and communities in terms of health, dignity, personality, relations, effectiveness, productivity, living standards, travel and play on a sustainable basis. They have diverse capabilities and backgrounds but what holds them together is the common set of values and principles that they believe in and follow in whatever they do.
  • Here people make teams, to work together to deliver commercially viable solutions that make the world a better place to live. The network provides tools and systems to help make effective teams and work together in a structured way to deliver projects. Whether you have or lack anything needed to turn thoughts to things, the Network helps you make or join teams, to bring together value and record individual contributions, to deliver solutions and earn livings.
  • Here, anyone  can become an entrepreneur by investing and contributing his or her surplus time, money or things to socio-economic projects and make not only the world a better place, by raising living standards for the masses and creating livelihood opportunities for the jobless, but also create a passive income stream to free up oneself from financial worries forever. 
  • The end game is a world with truly happy people who are working with dignity and living a wonderful life. This is a world where no one has been left too far behind.

The network provides its members the following:

  • access to the members of the Network to find venture partners, collaborators, vendors and human resources when you need work or resources to make money or things
  • opportunities to participate as a co-creator in new or existing projects by investing their surplus time, resources or capacities.  
  • a system for governance, management, controls, statutory and contractual compliance
  • a mechanism for support services, enabling systems and tools.
In short, the network is a global ecosystem for social innovators and entrepreneurs to team up with like minded change makers regardless of whether they have or lack something to make the world a better place.