Build communities based on needs, problems or opportunities. 

A billion people problem is a billion dollar idea!

This recipe helps you come up with a great idea to startup your own business. This involves identifying problems and opportunities from around your social circle to work on to design and develop a solution later in Design Solutions program.

The objective is to make problem based communities of the people who are directly experiencing those problems so that they can help us in problem analysis and validation of a workable solution design or prototype product.

It's been designed not only to identify problems and opportunities around you but also some leadership traits in your personalty that are essential to successfully complete our Design Solution program. Some of the leadership trails, this activity will help us assess include your ability to manage yourself e.g. your promises, your schedule etc., ability to go out of your comfort zone to reach out people, ability to share a vision to connect with people and build a community, ability to be open minded and explore different perspectives while walking in others shoes, ability to feel others pain and empathize with them, ability to find facts, validate truth by separating it from the false by overcoming cognitive biases including your own biases.